title. "Dreaming Forward/ Soñando" Chattanooga's 1st Latino Mural

date. 2018

cityChattanooga , TN (corner of Broad St. & Main St.)

size40 feet x 11 feet 

The goal of this mural was to create a piece that represents the diverse cultures within the Latino community without excluding the other communities represented in the Chattanooga area. The decision to paint four large figures of children of diverse ethnic backgrounds was decided after having engaging conversations with community members and leaders. 


The four children represent the cultural influences of the Indigenous, African, European and Asian cultures found within the Latino community and other communities. 


The first figure to your left holds a kite waiting to soar. The second figure holds a small plant representing embracing our cultural and moral roots. The third figure holds a paper plane looking forward to guide it, and the fourth figure looks up at the sky as she runs with her cardboard wings. Each child depicts the emotions of soaring, guiding, embracing and dreaming. 


As parents, family members, and community, we equip our children with the resources and support they need to spread their wings and soar to their highest potential and achieve their dreams as they embrace their culture and values. 


The colorful textiles on each side symbolize the interweaving of our talents and skills uniting while strengthening each other and together creating a beautiful and diverse platform for our children to find inspiration as they continue dreaming forward. 


Finally the four children are encircled by a golden and silver halo representing the wisdom inherited by our ancestors. The knowledge they gain is a beacon of light guiding them as they dream forward. 


This project received funding from Arts Build's Equity in the Arts grant program in partnership with the Benwood Foundation. 

© 2020 by Alex Paul Loza. All images are property of the artist.