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Portraiture and Custom Wall Art 

Heirloom & Corporate Portraiture 


​Since antiquity nothing has been able to capture the essence of a person as fluently as a portrait. Over the past decade Alex Paul Loza has developed an excellent reputation among local and international portrait patrons and art collectors. Loza understands that having a portrait painted can be a once in a life time event so he takes involvement in the process very seriously. For these reasons it would be our pleasure to help create your loved one's portrait and honor their lasting legacy. We will work closely with you to produce a unique, personalized portrait that you and your family will cherish for years.


In addition to his full-time artist practice, Loza is an art advocate, as well as an instructor, teaching regularly at both his studio and at Lee University's Art Department. 

Sizes and format:

Head & Shoulders (approx. 20" x 24", 24" x 30" or 28" x 32")
3/4 Length (approx. 30"x 40" or 36" x 48")

3/4 Length w/ hands (approx. 30" x 52" 36" x 56" or 48" x 60")
Full Length (approx. 50" x 68", 50" x 72", 56" x 72", 60" x 84" or 62" x 96")​

* All figures are approximately life-size. For each additional figure on the canvas add an additional 50% (per figure) to portrait cost. Prices for inclusion of pets and/or intricate background will be quoted upon request.   

For pricing information please contact artist at

Procedure for Commissioning your Portrait

Step 1: Contact artist to schedule a FREE consultation meeting date.


Step 2: Initial Meeting and First Sitting: A 2-3 hour meeting can be arranged either at the client's location or the artist's studio. During this meeting artist will discuss basic composition, size, pose, format, type of clothing, background and lighting of the portrait. Then, the sitter will be asked to pose for a certain length of time. This is an exciting experience involving photography, sketches and color studies. On the occasion that the sitter is not available, the portrait can be created using available photographs.


Step 3: The Sketch: The artist will compose a sketch inspired from the sitting in charcoal, graphite or pastel, which will show his plan for the setting, expression and mood of the final painting. The sketch may be made available for purchase.


Step 4: Painting Period: Upon approval of the sketch, the artist will return to the studio to paint the portrait. This process can take anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on the size and complexity of the painting. Client usually will be asked to pose for six to eight sittings at artist's studio or their location. Each session lasts approximately two hours. Full-figure poses, or ones depicting both hands, may need extra sittings. Client may visit the artist’s studio at any time to view the progress of the painting. 


Step5: The Final Sitting and Review: Once the portrait has reached its final stage, artists requires a final sitting to make color adjustments as well as any other requested changes. Then client will be ask to view the painting for final approval before the unveiling is scheduled.


Step 6: Portrait Unveiling Ceremony: Gather your family and friends to unveil and celebrate this especial moment.

Custom Wall Art for Your Home or Office

(As seen on Nashville Interiors Magazine)

Why leave your walls blank and boring or full of generic decorations, when you could hang personalized wall art that holds meaning? You might love a certain painting, but it just won't fit the wall you have for it. You may have fond memories of a certain locale and wish the artist to work from photos you have taken to commemorate a special memory. From an interior designer's point of view, you may need specific colors or motifs within the painting to work within a room you are creating. Our advice is to avoid an off-the-shelf retail solution that compromises on scale and value. We suggest commissioning a custom sized painting to make the room distinct and inviting. 

For more information please contact artist at


Step 1. The artist meets with the interior designer or homeowner to learn about expectations and the physical environment of the room including the scale, lighting, color schemes, and placement of the painting. The proposed budget for the project is discussed.

Step 2. The artist creates a digital sketch on location to attach to his notes.

Step 3. Back in the studio, the artist will render a more detailed digital sketch and will e-mail it to the client along with additional notes or questions.

Step 4. When the concept and budget are approved, the artist will order supplies. As the painting begins, the artist offers frequent updates on the paintings via email. Clients are also welcome to stop by the studio to view the work in progress.

Turn around time varies depending on size and difficulty of the piece. Generally Alex estimates 4-6 months for large paintings (25 to 49-square-feet), and 7 months to a year for any project that is 60-square-feet or larger.

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