title. SAPIYKUNAPAQ: My Roots, Mis Raices (painting series)

date. 2017

city. Chattanooga, TN

size. multiple

My artwork exemplifies an exploration of the human experience. With every painting I strive to capture the essence of my subject. I am constantly seeking to improve and evolve as an artist with persistent goals to develop my capacity to express and portray the essence, beauty, variations and the complexities of the human form and its environment.

SAPIYKUNAPAQ: My Roots, Mis Raíces exhibition portrays my Peruvian heritage; from ancient indigenous folktales to the encounter between the Incas and the Spanish conquistadors. It also highlights the cultural fusion between Peru’s ancestral people with the African and European cultures. And last but not least portraits of those family members that instilled in me love and appreciation for my origins and other cultures.


The inspiration for this painting series is a reconnection with my Peruvian roots and a response to young Peruvians as well as U.S. born Latino youth who experienced a disconnection with their Latino heritage. I can relate as I too experienced that disconnection during my youth.


“Change your leaves but never lose your roots.

Change your opinion but do not lose your principles.”

                                                – Unknown Author


Only by connecting to our roots we will be able to understand who we are as individuals but at the same time construct a better appreciation for other cultures, traditions, experiences and opinions. After attending this exhibition I invite you to take an opportunity to discover or rediscover Your Roots, bond with peoples of diverse cultures and together celebrate each other’s similarities and differences.

Alex Paul Loza

*Sapiykunapaq means “my roots” in the Quechua language.

"I appreciate the multi-layered impact of the "SAPIYKUNAPAQ: My Roots, Mis Raices" series. The series celebrates the significant work of a local artist and explores historical and cultural influences within his personal story. It is a great example of an arts integrated project that blends all of these aspects into a cohesive, unified series. The Equity in the Arts grant program was designed to shine a bright light on the impressive talent among local African American and Latino artists. This project by artist Alex Paul Loza is an outstanding example that we are meeting the program's goals."

- Rodney Van Valkenbubrg, Director of Grants and Initiatives at ArtsBuild 

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