title. "See Me Shine" 

date. 2018

city. Wilcox Tunnel, Chattanooga , TN



I was part of the artist assistant team that worked directly with Minnesota's GoodSpace Murals team led by muralist Greta McLain. I assisted in both painting parties held at Eastdale Recreation Center as well as the installation of the Polytab and the over-painting sessions. 

Our painting parties were held in MLK Day of Service Day (January 15) and in February 11th. We had over 120 community members painting the under-painting layer. The mural installation and over-painting sessions happened between March 25th through the 31st. 



GoodSpace Murals team: Greta McLain, Candida Gonzalez (not pictured) Eamonn McLain, Tina Monje and Samie Johnson.

Chattanooga artists: Alex Paul Loza, Payton Hayman (not pictured), Mercedes Llanos and Kristen Camille (not pictured).      

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