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As a passionate artist deeply committed to the power of figurative narrative art and social advocacy, I have dedicated my career to crafting compelling portraits, murals, and sculptures that resonate with audiences worldwide.

My talent and dedication have garnered recognition from esteemed organizations, including the Thaddeus Stevens Society, which selected me to create a historic bronze monument of U.S. Representative and "Father of the 14th Amendment" Thaddeus Stevens. This honor not only marked me as the first Latino artist to contribute to Gettysburg's renowned collection of over 1,300 outdoor sculptures but also led to a feature in Smithsonian Magazine, showcasing the significance of my artwork nationwide. 

I  also had the privilege of being commissioned by McKee Foods to sculpt the first-ever life-size bronze statue of "America's Sweetheart" LIittle Debbie, an iconic symbol of American culture, for the new Little Debbie Park in Collegedale, TN. Additionally, creating the award statuette for the Bessie Smith Cultural Center's annual Bessie Smith Legacy Gala Awards underscores the diversity and adaptability of my artistic talents.

These projects exemplify the breadth and depth of my artistic abilities, demonstrating my capacity to create impactful works of art that resonate with diverse audiences. I invite you to consider commissioning me to bring your vision to life, whether it's a decorative sculpture, a commemorative monument, a public mural, or a bespoken artwork that speaks to your unique story. Together, let's create art that inspires, uplifts, and connects us all.    

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