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Mural Making Process

community painting mural
  • DIRECT TECHNIQUE: Painting is done directly on the wall (longer process) or

  • INDIRECT TECHNIQUE – Polytab Method aka “Parachute Cloth Method” (shorter process)


* Artist highly recommends the INDIRECT TECHNIQUE for the following reasons:

1.  This technique opens up the possibility for community members to collaborate in the painting process without climbing scaffolding instead we can be in the park, classroom, youth center, inside or outside, etc.

2.  Painting process will prevent busy and heavily transited roads to be closed for shorter days in comparison to the Direct Painting Process.

3.  This process involves several layers, which increase the life of the mural.

  • Mold and mildew resistant wall primer

  • Pasting gel

  • Fabric (Polytab)

  • Fabric primer

  • Acrylic paint underpainting

  • Acrylic paint overpainting

  • Pasting gel

  • Anti-graffiti, weather resistant varnish. 


4.  Mural can be painted during any season in the studio without delaying the deadline as well as artist exposing/risking his and his team’s health and safety out in the cold/heat.

5.  Installation. Polytab installation is similar to permanent wallpaper installation.


6.  Shorter lift/s rental (if needed) reducing mural cost.

Tweet post - May 27, 2018 Mayor Andy Ber
community painting mural


When developing public art projects I always strive to involve and collaborate with the community, the neighborhood. For me it is crucial to dive into the neighborhoods and hold genuine conversations with the main institution/s involved in the project, community organizations and residents.


I engage with communities through Community Building Events such as DESIGN MEETING, MURAL PAINT PARTIES AND MURAL UNVEILING.

community painting mural


Hosting community paint parties gives our community a chance to be a part of the mural painting process.  I strongly believe that the success of any public art is determined in how involve the community is; and by doing so we achieve the following:


  • Inspire a sense of pride, ownership and community spirit.

  • Uplift, inspire, challenge and connect.

  • Provide a place to create or strengthen friendship and community between neighbors.

  • Foster an opportunity for public to engage in art making.

  • Create an opportunity for art students or emerging artists to acquire a new skill as well as to highlight their skills amongst their community.  

community painting mural
Alex Paul Loza - Dreaming Forward - mura
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